Soft, directional, yes.

On a handled boom, no.


For a TVC back in 2014, we needed a light source that could be mounted on a handheld boom to track actors, the only options were either a very small, hard source, or a china ball style fixture.

Since it needed to be very soft, the china ball was our only option.

The next requirement was that it needed to be 3'-4' in diameter for the required level of wrap and for it to come in from the side, it also need to be targeted, with no light hitting the background, which was a snowy Christmas scene at night.

The china ball with all it's skirts and accessories couldn't come close to achieving that goal. Frustrated at the inability to achieve this type of lighting with available instruments, I had the spider idea, it worked so well, with such great quality and control, we now use it on almost every type of lighting setup.

The demand for me to go ahead and make it into a product for everyone was huge and now, after years of development, the first production ready spider, the Redback, is now shipping.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Thank you,

Tim Hudson ACS