User quotes


“It’s really exciting to have this light, I had a class with the guys why this system is the best, self cutting, doesn’t require six people to move, cut, diffuse etc.”  - Greig Fraser ASC, ACS


“The brand new LED light by Hudson Spider, the Redback, has all the features of a high quality bi-color LED unit. It has a ‘slick’, very compact and foldable design, much lighter than most of the existing LED units. It is portable, easy to rig and the octagon umbrella-like structure provides a very soft and embracing light.. I love it.”  - Theo Van De Sande ASC

“For 30 years I’ve been dreaming of the perfect light. I just didn’t know what it was until I saw your light”   - Steven Fierberg ASC

"I've been using the Redback directly on faces and the light just feels right, is better than most LED sources I've used. The unique shape also adds and the light is very punchy, not to forget how easy to use it is. Great light #usethespider" - Kaushal Shah


"Pretty great light. Just wraps beautifully, even bare without diffusion. Love it. Worth every penny." - Vance Burberry


"I can light everything with an M-90, black-wrap and a Hudson-Spider" (Conny Hall told me once "I light you anything with a 12k and a I guess mine is an updated quote, hahahah!) - Stoeps Langensteiner


"The Hudson Spider has been amazing on set of Marcella. I've put it through its paces on all variety of setups, day/night interior, night exterior and even day exterior. It's size, beautiful quality of light and output are a massive advantage to any production. The Redback will forever be on my equipment list from now on."  - Adam Suschitsky BSC


"Absolutely my favorite light from this year's BSC Expo. MUST get hold of one for upcoming jobs."  - Gavin White


"It's a very unique fixture and I could see it doing a lot of things once I used it, but I was concerned it was going to be a very expensive one trick pony, before actually putting it on my shoot. Y'all did real good with that fixture."  - Joshua Sims