Q: How do I open the Hudson Spider.

A: See this button push demo video. Beware that the hinges need to separate to disengage, which means fingers cannot squeeze the hinge together. There is no need to use force, as damage may occur.


Q: Is diffusion required to make the light soft?

A: Not at all, the light actually works better without diffusion because of the parabolic focus of the raw LED, amazingly soft and shadowless. Typically the only time people diffuse a Spider is if it's up close and reflecting LED in sunglasses or other glass.


Q: How is it mounted?

A: There is a female 3/8" thread on the back and the front. A 3/8" baby pin comes with the light that can be attached at either position. The choice is typically a matter of balance and accessibility. There is a zipper access point on the side of the cover if needed. A c-stand, menace arm or a Manfrotto mega boom are the usual mounting devices. At only 8lbs, the unit can utilize many of the handy mounting tools designed for the flash/stills market.


Q: Is the color fixed to daylight or tungsten?

A: The Redback has an adjustable color range from 2900 degrees Kelvin (Tungsten 3200K) up to 6300 degrees Kelvin (Daylight 5600K) at a CRI(color rendering index) of 95 or higher.