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Total LEDs 3,456.

Lumens 15280.

Exposure  24fps 1/48sec  800asa @ 100% 3’ / 91cm - f22.2   |    6’ / 182cm - f11.5   |   9’  /  273cm - f8.4. 

Color range 2600K to 6500K.

Dimming range 0 – 100%.

Color rating 98++ CRI.


Head size open - parabolic 37”/95.2cm ø octa  x  15.5” /39.4cm Parabola.

Head size open - flat 50”/127cm ø octa  x  1”/2.5cm.

Configurations Parabolic, flat and folded.

Head size closed 12”/30.5cm  x   8” /20.3 CM ø octa.

Head weight 7lbs 4oz  /  3.3kgs.

Materials 7071+6065 Aluminum, steel and silicone plastics.


Output voltage 24 VDC Constant voltage.

Input voltage 90 – 305V AC, 50/60hz (C14 connector) Universal.

Power 400W.

Power connectors 7 PIN   Bayonet locking system   PWM (PL7 connector)   IP 68.      

Ballast Protection Over current/voltage/temperature or short circuit.

Ballast IP rating IP20.

Ballast size 14”/35cm L  x  5”/12.7cm H   x   7”/17.8cm W. 

Ballast weight 11lbs 11oz / 5.3kg.

Head feeder length 24’ / 7.3m.

IEC cord set US.


DMX connector Input/output 5 pin XLR connector.

Service port USB Type A – service center up-gradeable.

Data protocol DMX 512.


Mounting point 3/8” Thread front and back.

Baby pin 3/8” Thread, 5/8” ø    x    3.5”/8.9cm.

Mounting method Install baby pin to front or back for a 5/8” grip head.


Diffusions 36” / 91.4cm ø octagon x varied fabric.

Utility backing cover Poly and nylon fabrics stitched, reinforced and laminated.


Case type Injection molded waterproof case with foam cut insert.

Case size 12.5” x 21” x 24” / 31.75cm x 53cm x 70cm.

Case weight - packed 49lbs / 22.2 kgs.