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Where to next? FAQs with Hudson Spider


Before we begin, we would first and foremost like to thank all you fearless first adopters who understood our product and philosophy from the get-go, and took a chance on us. We know it was a risk, one I think you guys are now reaping the rewards of, yay! We took a chance on ourselves too, but having the worldwide support in our first year of getting our ideas from our heads to the sets around the world is breathtakingly phenomonal. Grassy arse! Special shout out to the guys that jumped on board and ordered Redbacks before we even had made a single one, you guys rock! You were the inspiration. We had to get these products to market, you’d purchased one already!! :)


As the next few months roll out, you’ll be seeing some awesome new accessories to complement the current Redback. One of the concerns we hear a lot, is ‘when are you updating the Redback?’ I am going to get the next version…. In this day and age of new iPhones every few months and disposable flat screen TV’s it seems, consumers are understandable nervous. Well we are here to say that quick turnover is not our game. Constantly improving, of course! But not out-dating ourselves forcing a new purchase every year. We hope to be able to keep today’s Redbacks as functioning members of the lighting community well into their golden years. Our initial product was the result of YEARS of research and fine tuning. We think of it as the original pared down racecar. It doesn't have the electric windows, heated seats and DVD players of the newest members of its family, but it is still the greatest at what it was designed to do. Another example of everlasting engineering is the humble throne, from Thomas Crapper & Company, yes that’s a true story. Genius that stands the test of time. Our Redback is designed to be a lightweight, bulletproof, gorgeous key light. And it kills it. We plan to add to the existing design, not reinvent the product. We have some exciting new accessories from our friends at The Rag Place with their Snap products coming soon. We have seen the prototypes, and they are impressive! These accessories will take your Redback further into the Realms of the Swiss Army Knife of Lighting.


“When is the RGB Redback coming, I’m waiting for that!” We have learnt a long time ago to never say never, but when you think about the reality of it, is it really feasible? The idea of having RGB on a spider is lovely (the image attests to that), but where do you put all those LEDs? Right now we have created what we think is the ultimate BiColor Soft Light, that makes lighting previous difficult situations a cinch. We have jammed those LEDs so close together on a relatively small piece of real estate, to allow for 3456 lights on a 7lb self supporting frame, no gripping equipment required. To add the color options, the brightness for ALL colors will be reduced, significantly. Is that what we want, or the consumer wants? We don't think so. So for now, the RGB is shelved until further innovation, it just doesn't work with this format.

beauty key.jpg

When are you getting police light options? Can we say Never on this one?? Please. We really want to break the Cardinal rule and say Never, just this once. We won’t, as its possible we may be eating humble pie 15 years down the track, but honestly. No, no police lights. That is not our game. There are amazing specialty featuring lights available with police lights, fire and lightening effects etc that are killing it that field, and they complement our gorgeous Bi-color Key light just perfectly! Photo opposite from filmmaker Alexa Hiramitsu, showing the Redback’s ideal use, as a single source directional un-diffused beauty light. Police lights come a very far 223rd on the priority list…..


You can’t handle the truth!

The truth is, the handle is coming! We are putting the final touches on the handles and they will be available this month. It is an extension for a baby pin, that allows easier manipulation of the Redback when it is in a C-stand. You asked, we delivered. Its that simple. :) These babies will be a shiny cherry red by the time we are done and will attach to the end of an extended baby pin.


DMX bandits

If you haven't been using this sweet little piece of equipment, you should be. The DMX-it has a tactile lever for adjusting brightness and color making your filmmaking so much easier. Plus you can adjust with your fingers whilst never taking your eye off your set. Because, let’s face it, a filmmakers eyes are everything. If you don't have one, reach out to us as we are a reseller, we can hook you up, you won’t regret it. Yours will be shiny and new, unlike our messy but well used version!


Diff, diff, diff!

Diffs, we got em! Polysilk, Half Soft Frost, Hipster Unbleached Muslin and Bleached Muslin….its all here! Head to our website or send us an email for the new package deal of Diffs that come in a sweet Hudson Spider Red Diff Bag. All four for $296. Sweeeeet.

With our commitment to reducing the juggernaut and complication that often plagues the film industry, over the next month or so you’ll be seeing a new product (subtle as a sledgehammer hint below) hit your IG feed and the shelves from Hudson that is designed to simplify film making as much as the Redback simplifies lighting. It is not lighting, you can’t plug it in. It treads the line between being a product for Grips, Art Department and DPs. Its a super handy tool we’ve been quietly prototyping and testing here in LA with our Spider Crew, and I tell you, its impressively simple. We actually induces giggles as to how simply it soles an age old problem. I cant wait to tell you more! So thats it for this week. If you have any Q’s you want us to address, please reach out to us. We LOOOVEEEE feedback!

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