Gaffing with Grissle!

Today is a little special. We are going behind the scenes to meet the crew, not just any crew member, but the unlikeliest of heroes, Gris the Gaffer. Humble and benign, family first and Margaritas second, owner of hairless cats and mountain bikes, the man, the gaffer, the legend, Grissle. Gris has been on Tim’s crew for almost a decade and has watched the Spider hatch and grow. He is one of the most knowledgeable Spider Gaffers on the planet.

What has come to light over the last few months is that Gris has a remarkable knack of summarizing what most people would say in 500 words, to approximately 5.5 words. ;) No beating around the bush, straight to the point, clear. So without further ado, today we present, a day in the life of Gaffing with Gris.


This company was founded on a Parabolic shape. This format of LEDs creates the most beautifully soft light with a quality that is hard to put your finger on. BUT, the eventual design allows for so many more configurations and applications. No matter how tight your space, how low your ceiling, how small your crew, the Spider will fit. Gris will show you.


Hollywood and LA are obviously teeming with film shoots. Unfortunately for local residents, this is no longer exciting and is actually extremely tiring and inconvenient. They also know all the tricks of our to shut down a shoot, or better, be slipped a Ben Franklin to be quiet and compliant. On this occasion the neighborhood got the final word and the condor was not allowed in. Enter the Redback. Any other light and this would have been a disaster. The Redback weighs in a 7lbs, is directional, is heller bright and it could be attached to the tree branch in mere seconds. Job done, problem solved


Being new, and weird, and different, the Spider is a little scary to some. One of the biggest things we read online by people who have never even seen a Redback in the metal is that there is no way it can withstand the rigors of film crews with all those moving pieces. That’s where we invite you to come and hold it, play with it, try to bend it, literally throw it to each other (try doing that with your Sky Panel!) We have spent years getting this light, RIGHT. Its not made in China, we didn’t cut corners, we made something that we are bursting with pride about, come and try it!


Since Hudson Spider has released the Bean Screen onto set, the common cry among crew is “We needed that on my shoot last week!’. It is honestly the tool that as soon as you use it once, you can’t live without. It is already making its rounds locally in Hollywood and we look forward to making it a staple on every Grip Truck worldwide.

It’s hard work being Gris.

So that’s a bye for now. Gaffer over and out.

The less people think the more they talk
— Proverb
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