The iconic Lexus December to Remember campaign was back in 2018, with a HUGE bang, seemingly buying every available ad space on national TV for the month of December. This year, Lexus focused on how the gift of an expensive car with a gorgeous red bow on top is the gift that keeps on giving. As a side note, that bow, if you need one to place on Grandmas 15 year old camry you are gifting your eldest, there is a company who makes a business out of giant red bows….who knew!? I reckon they are thanking their lucky stars for Lexus. Anyway, back on topic, the VP of Marketing over at Lexus says “this time of year is full of joy, magic and cherished family traditions that last well beyond the gift-giving season.” So, enter the three commercials, proudly lit by Redbacks.


The final image of this first commercial was lit day for night with a single Redback in Parabolic Mode over the car and a Redback in Stealth Mode as a grill flat. Easy to rig, gorgeous results.



Oooh, romantic Valentines day dates with gorgeous cars. The Lexus was lit from every angle in this shot. The Redback over head of course, for the bow. Two Redbacks in stealth mode in front to create for the………. and a back light for the actors.

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A Redback for every month of the year

People confuse ‘pretty’, with good cinematography.
— Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC, CBE
H. Spidey Esq.