"You're so lucky"


These three words are the greatest compliment anyone can give you. Not because the receiver of the compliment was somehow born with a silver spoon in their mouth or that they miraculously walk into unbelievably transforming situations, but because behind the scenes, a lucky person is a true bad-ass. They are a walking example of horribly cliche Nike T-shirts; Just do it, Failure is not an Option, Every Damn Day, The Dream is Free, the Hustle is sold Separately… you get the picture. Lucky people don’t wear the T-shirt.


On June 28th, a lucky person emailed us here at Hudson Spider.

"Hi I'm Holiday Sidewinder (yep, you've got our attention already.)  I’ve got this song, Leo. I’m doing the production on my own clip , because I’m independent and we’re doing it ridiculously low budget with a pretty amazing creative team working on it for kicks." A few emails followed, insurance put in place, and the shoot scheduled. The day before the shoot, out comes lucky Holiday, all the way to Valencia, in her hot pants and a rented U-haul truck. Bad-ass. The truck threw us a little as our lamps are compact, in fact our company delivery vehicle is a Prius, it certainly turns heads when we roll onto a lot and unload six 6 foot soft lights, with the C-stands and the Mega booms from a Prius. ;) However when the rear of the truck was opened we see she has already driven around LA collecting props and accessories, concrete-look Italian plinths etc. This chick is not mucking around.

A huge lighting truck incoqnito


So the day before her shoot, Holiday wasn’t princess'ing it up getting her hair and nails done, she was hauling ass up and down freeways, getting shit done. Holiday is our kind of person. Hudson Spider didn't materialize outta the dirt, we built this product from the ground up, almost killing ourselves in the process. We are 110% behind all the Lucky Holiday’s out there, we’ll be there when you get that Grammy girl, heck, we’ll be lighting that show, if we get lucky! 

See Holiday's clip for Leo below.

DP: Alexander Chinnici

Director: Thomas Kerr

Producer Badass: Holiday Sidewinder

Lighting: Hudson Spider (of course!)

The harder I work the luckier I get
— Samuel Goldwyn
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