KIT - Mozzie Double

KIT - Mozzie Double


The Mozzie Double shares a single 400W LiteDimmer, an economical way to enjoy the benefits of the most powerful Litegear powered dimmer available.

With 4 separate channels, both units are controlled completely independent of each other.

The Mozzie head deploys into a multitude of modes and packs down to a mere 6”x6”x8” and weighs in at only 3lbs. There are 1,224 24v light emitting diodes, divided between a hybrid color of 2600 and 6000 Kelvin, allowing ultimate color control of super bright perfect white light with a CRI in excess of 98.

All the accessories that are currently available for the hugely popular Redback are coming very soon to the Mozzie, including Best Film’s 42” Stealth mode, Westcott’s umbrellas, TRP DOP Choice Ball, the 180 deg teaser and honeycomb egg-crates for all.

Kit includes;

2 x Mozzie heads

1x 12’ head feeder

1 x 24’ head feeder

2 x 3/8 thread baby pins for mounting with grip head.

1 x 400w LiteDimmer 100-240v AC ballast powered by Litegear

Two 22” parabolic soft box backings

2 x 22” Hex diffusions

1 x Y splitter cabble

1 x SKB/HUDSON rolling waterproof case with custom insert.

1 x Neutrik power connector

1x Hudson Spider handle

Lumenradio DMX built in.

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